Thursday, February 6, 2020

Two killed as high speed train derails near milan

Two people have died and two are seriously injured after a high-speed train derailed in Italy this morning.

Sources say that two members of the train’s crew – believed to be the drivers – were killed when the train’s engine detached from the rest of the carriages and ploughed into a freight train on a parallel track before hitting a building. The train left the tracks near Lodi, northern Italy, at 5.30am, causing serious disruption between Milan and Bologna.

The driver’s body was found inside the cabin of the train while the second driver was thrown clear from the wreckage and it took some time to locate his body. Officials say 28 passengers were injured in the crash with to in a serious condition.

Pictures from the scene show that some carriages have overturned in the collision. One of the ends of the train is also seen intact, but it has come off the tracks completely. The route has been closed in both directions, causing difficulties for morning commuters.

Firefighters were helped by police and medical crews as they boarded the carriages to give medical aid to those who had been injured.

Two air ambulances were also called to the scene to take people to hospital more quickly.

The train crashed at 5.30am and an investigation is now underway to find out how the train ended up leaving the tracks.

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