Sunday, February 9, 2020

Uber drivers in Lagos to go on “strike” on Monday

Some Uber drivers in Lagos may go on strike on Monday to protest the recent clampdown by the Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Services.

Two officials of the VIS told The Guardian earlier in the week that the enforcement of already existing laws guiding the operations of professional drivers in the state began recently.

“We are going on strike by Monday,” a driver who gave his name as Michael said on Saturday morning. “VIO (Vehicle Inspection Officers) are disturbing us too much these days.”

One of the VIS officials said commercial vehicle drivers and those on Uber and other ride-hailing platforms must be certified by the Lagos Drivers’ Institute before they can operate in the state.

Uber drivers, he said, must have hackney permits since they use their vehicles for commercial purposes. He also said Uber has also not paid an operator license fee to the state government.

Three Uber drivers told The Guardian on Saturday that the enforcement is hampering their operations and that they were not aware of the laws until recently.

Those whose cars were impounded were asked to pay a ₦60,000 fine.