Friday, February 14, 2020

Venezuelans too poor to have s.e.x as economic crisis leaves them unable to afford condoms or a hotel room

Some Venezuelans are too poor to have s3x because the country's economic crisis has left them unable to afford homes, hotels or contraception, couples say.

A box of three condoms costs $2, a month's supply of birth control pills can be $8 and a hotel room in Caracas is $10 for six hours - while the average salary in Venezuela is just $6 a month.

In addition, traders prefer to deal in dollars with the local bolivar in freefall but many people have no access to US currency.

As a result, many couples have been forced to sneak into their parents' homes, share an intimate moment behind a palm tree or go into s3xual hibernation altogether.

In the tropical gardens surrounding the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, it is not uncommon to see young student couples making out behind a palm tree.

Law students John Alvarez, 20, and Amanda Aquino, 19, prefer to sneak into John's childhood bedroom on the first floor of his parents' house.

When 'there's no one else in the house it's even better,' said John.

In two years of dating they have never paid for a hotel room, and having their own place is a wild fantasy because of the economic situation.