Saturday, February 29, 2020

Video: NOTORIOUS WANTED physically-challenged thief finally caught in Lagos

A notorious physically challenged wanted thief was finally yesterday caught at the Social Media Week, at Freemee Space, Lekki.

The physically challenged man had already been on wanted list when a CCTV video of him stealing a lady's phone went viral on social media. That however didn;t stop him from continuing to steal,.

According to Ruggedman, who shared the moment he was arrested yesterday, the rapper named him,
The Bad Legged Bandit. Ruggedman's post and video below...

''THE BAD LEGGED BANDIT has finally been arrested.

His name is Okeomo Friday.

He went for Social Media Week at Freemee Space lekki (most likely to steal from there too) Someone spotted him and reported to the security guys with video back ups.

The moderator at the event announced that every one should guard their properties. A few minutes later he stood up to leave but was held back.

Since freemen space security didn’t have evidence against him, they contacted his last victim from the restaurant he was seen stealing a phone.

They came with the @policenglagos and took him away.''