Why we rushed to have our wedding – Kano serving corp members who met in camp


Two serving members of the National Youth Service Corps in Kano State, who met each other in camp and got married have now revealed why they rushed their wedding.

Recall Muhammad Musa and Hauwa Bagudu, got married in their khaki uniforms last Friday at the Juma’at Mosque, Nigerian Air Force Base in the state.

The couple tell Ted Odogwu how they got attracted to each other and why they could not wait to get married… Enjoy!

You’re from Nasarawa State, what tribe are you?

Muhammad: I am Afo from Nasarawa Local Government Area, Nasarawa. I studied History at Nasarawa State University, where I earned BA degree. My elder brother earlier married from the Yoruba community. I am the second person within our family to marry outside my tribe.

How old are you?

Muhammad: I’m 28 years old. I did not plan to get married during my service year. It was God’s plan for us to get married.

You are from Niger State, what tribe are you?

Hauwa: I am Nupe; a proud one for that matter.

How did you meet Hauwa?

Muhammad: We met at NYSC kitchen when we were in camp. We just clicked when we first met; it was love at first sight! We were both struggling to be served lunch. But the moment I saw her, I fell in love with her. However, I did not realise that it would culminate into marriage so soon. It’s God’s work.

What really attracted you to her?

Muhammad: Her simplicity and beauty were the things that attracted me to her. Also, when we started the relationship, I discovered how kind and caring she is, and those are the attributes I have always wanted in any woman that will be my life partner.

What qualities of his attracted you to Muhammad?

Hauwa: He is religious, intelligent, simple, generous, wonderful and caring. He is simply the best (man) I have ever come across. I like him because he is amiable, caring and friendly. These attributes of his attracted me to him.

How did Muhammad Musa show interest in you?

Hauwa: It was an amazing moment. When we first met, we clicked on the spot. It was love at first sight. I did not accept (to date him) that same week; it was two weeks later that I accepted.

So you initially play hard to get…

Hauwa: Yes, of course. I did because as a woman, it is our pride to prove difficult before eventually succumbing (to propositions).

What made you to accept his proposal?

Hauwa: He is just too natural and real, that was why I accepted his proposal.

You met in camp and already getting married, why did you not wait till after service year?

Muhammad: Time, they say, is of essence, and marriage is an institution ordained by God, who is the owner of our lives. I rely on this to hasten the marriage, instead of waiting for the end of our service year. I felt if I waited much longer than now, I might change my mind and start a fresh relationship with someone else who may not be right for me. So, I hastened the marriage because I felt it was an opportunity I could not afford to miss.

How long was your courtship?

Muhammad: Our courtship lasted for 10 months.

Some people believe courtship should last longer than that, how would you react to that?

Muhammad: It’s not how long the courtship lasts that matters but how well it is. What is more important is to understand each other’s behaviour, rather than a long-term courtship to understand each other.

Why are you so sure she is the right one for you?

Muhammad: During our three-week orientation, I discovered she has good character, which she demonstrated during our courtship. I also investigated and discovered that she inherited her good character from her family; she has a good family background.

What are the other things you love about her?

Muhammad: I do not only love her, my passion for her developed further when I discovered she was religious, intelligent, simple, kind, hospitable, loving and caring. I was convinced that when we start having children, she will inculcate such attributes in our children.

When you told your parents that you planned to get married to a lady you met in camp, what were their reactions?

Muhammad: My parents’ reactions were not only positive; they were also supportive of the idea. They both agreed that as long as we love each other and agree to live together in peace and tolerate each other for the rest of our lives, they were in support.

How did you tell your parents you found the man you would marry in camp and would want to get married now?

Hauwa: It was an uphill task to speak out to my parents but I later summoned courage to inform them. I told them point blank that my feelings towards him were becoming too natural and real.

And how did they react?

Hauwa: My mum was so happy about it but my dad objected to it at first for reasons best known to him. Thank God, he later accepted so as not to hurt my feelings because he believes that my happiness should come first.

How do you plan to handle the financial responsibilities that come with marriage?

Muhammad: I’m an artisan, with specialty in tiling floors.

What are your plans to handle your financial responsibilities?

Hauwa: I am serving my nation for now as a youth corps member. At the end of my service year, I will grab any opportunity that comes my way, so as to reduce the burden on the shoulders of my husband.

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