Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Woman scares off r.a.p.i.s.t by coughing and saying she was from Wuhan

A woman managed to scare away a potential r3pist by coughing and telling him she had just returned from Wuhan.

Police said the suspect, a man named Xiao, 25, broke into her bedroom last Friday in the city of Jingshan, China, near the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

He tried to assault the victim, but she told him: ‘I just returned from Wuhan and have been infected, therefore I am home alone in self-quarantine.’

The victim, named by police as Yimou, coughed as she tried to push him away as he squeezed her neck.

He was frightened by her claims and ran away, while stealing a phone and cash worth 3,080 (£338) from her.

Jingshan Public Security Bureau described what happened in a post on social media yesterday.

They said the man turned himself accompanied by his father after officers launched a search to find him in the township of Pingba, around three hours from Wuhan by car.

He is said to have confessed to burglary and that he intended further ‘wrongdoing’ and was arrested.

Police said he had broken in after an argument with his family, when he had no money so sneaked into the victim’s house in the night.

He was wearing a mask while committing the crime, but the woman was able to describe his body shape and characteristics of his voice.