Thursday, March 19, 2020

16-year old boy of Nigerian descent is arrested in Britain for stabbing 21-year old to death

This is the moment an aspiring grime artist was arrested at Stanstead Airport after knifing to death the cousin of an S Club 7 member in a knife rampage outside a nightclub.

Vasilios Ofogeli, who can be named for the first time, was just 16 when he killed 21-year-old Andre Bent on August 25 during a brawl outside Gallery nightclub in Maidstone.

Mr Bent is the cousin of S Club 7's Bradley McIntosh.

Ofogeli was also found guilty this week of two counts of attempted murder, and wounding with intent.

He was remanded in custody until he is sentenced on April 24.

The court heard Mr Bent had been out celebrating a pal's birthday on the night of the attack and watched rapper Mostack perform at the club.

Violence broke out after Mostack's entourage - which included Ofogeli - left the venue's VIP lounge just before 3am.

At that point Ofogeli stabbed Mr Bent, as well as his friends Lucas Baker, Patrick Silva-Conceicao and Joshua Robinson with a large machete-style knife.

Mr Bent, from Lambeth, South London, was stabbed in the chest and collapsed unconscious from a 21cm-deep chest wound.

He bled to death about 40 minutes later.

Ofogeli, himself a budding rapper known as Scarz8th and whose sinister videos promoting drugs, gangs and violence can still be found on YouTube, then fled back to his home in North London before catching a flight later that day to Greece.

He was arrested by police on the tarmac at Stansted Airport when he returned six days later.

The weapon was found in its sheath in a back garden near his home.

Ofogeli admitted stabbing all four victims but told the jury he acted in self-defence or while defending his friends, claiming they came under attack from belts.

Tragically, Mr Bent died hours before his girlfriend Maria was due to tell him she was pregnant.

Their baby is due on April 25.