Friday, March 27, 2020

87-year old man thanks the British health system as he beats coronavirus and goes home to his wife

This is the wonderful moment an 87-year-old man LEAVES hospital after fighting coronavirus for two weeks.

Ewart Lockton, from Manchester, had been battling the virus in North Manchester Hospital but yesterday left - in the arm of an NHS hero.

His granddaughter Sophie Edwards shared the news on her Facebook page.

Her post has rapidly gone viral with 52,000 people sharing it.

She said: "We all need to hear some positive stories...

"This is my 87-year-old grandpa saying goodbye to staff at North Manchester Hospital where he’s been for two weeks with covid positive pneumonia."

She continued: "He’s now finishing his recovery where he belongs, at home with my grandma!

Thank you to everyone for all their kindness and support through a difficult time and most of all.....thanks to the NHS!!"

Her post garnered a huge response.