Age-defying granddad of seven, 56, regularly gets mistaken for being in his 30s


If you looked at a picture of Andy Wilkinson, how old would you think he is? Like many people, you might say he looks to be a bulked-up man in his 30s.

 But Andy, from Coventry, is actually a 56-year-old granddad of seven. Yep, granddad. Age-defying Andy works as a personal trainer, which keeps him looking young and healthy.

He’s even been mistaken for his daughter’s boyfriend. Andy has words of advice for those who want to live longer and look great, which includes resting in a blacked-out room for high-quality sleep, working out no more than three times per week, and cutting back on carbs and portions as you get older.

The last thing, he says, is to remind yourself that ‘everything will be ok’. The grandfather of seven has three adult children in their 30s but no one would believe it.

He said: ‘If I’m on holiday with my six-pack out, I get approached by ladies in their thirties and I’ve been mistaken for my daughter’s partner rather than her father on occasion, which is embarrassing. ‘My friends also think it’s hilarious when we go out to shock people with the fact that I’m a grandfather of seven!’ Andy shares his fitness journey on Instagram and regularly receives DMs from people asking for tips.

He says: ‘Genetics help but there is really no secret besides hard work and diet. ‘Stress is a massive age shower as well so I try to not get myself worked up about anything. ‘I have a personal mantra which is “everything will be ok” and that keeps me calm and carries me through.’

Andy – who is now in a relationship with a 51-year-old woman – says: ‘I was always interested in looking good but it was in my thirties that I radically assessed what I was eating.

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