Baker tricks Instagram with hilarious toilet roll CAKE amid coronavirus supermarket shortages


You’d be hard pressed to stroll into a supermarket and be met with an endless supply of toilet paper since the coronavirus outbreak has caused shortages across the world due to people stockpiling.

But a talented baker has used his cake-making skills to shed light of the situation by creating the most amazing cake that, from the outside  looks just like a roll of toilet paper, but once cut open reveals a mouth-watering four-tier chocolate cake

Ben Cullen, 29, from Chester, fooled his 155,000 Instagram followers when he posted a series of snaps showcasing his latest creation as he urged people to look after vulnerable members in their community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alongside the pictures of the amazing cake, he wrote: “If everyone took this pandemic as seriously as we apparently take toilet roll we’ve got half a chance! Look out for yourselves, your families and anyone vulnerable you can help!,” while using the hashtags #toiletpaper #cake #corona

The life-like cake attracted the attention of many across social media, with a huge number of followers admitting they didn’t initially realise it was a cake.

And there’s very little wonder why, because like with all of Ben’s cake creations, the toilet roll cake looks so real that you couldn’t possibly tell it’s even a cake at all until it’s cut open and the edible chocolate and vanilla sponge is revealed.

Clearly impressed by the baker’s skills, one person wrote: ” At first I was like… who posts a f****** tissue paper!!?? Then I swiped and omfg.. A wholesome cake.. all hail bakers magic by @the_bakeking,”

While another bemused onlooker said: “Omfg!!! That looked JUST LIKE TP!!! I mean all ur stuff does but this one actually had me fooled, I though maybe this one time u posted a real item not a cake  –  LOVE IT!!!! Amazing as always!!.”

And a third fab joked: ” Love it! How much mate? The bog roll situation is getting bad out here.”

The cake creation was also posted on Ben’s Facebook page in addition to a step-by-step video detailing how he put the incredible cake together – which has since been shared almost 3,000 times across social media.

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