Saturday, March 28, 2020

DJ's heartbreaking last Facebook messages before coronavirus killed him at just 38

A man who died after contracting coronavirus wrote daily updates from his hospital bed that he shared with his friends on Facebook.

Danny Sharma, 38, had struggled with various health problems in recent years, including diabetes, which put him in a high risk category for developing a severe form of Covid-19.

On March 22, the DJ from Uxbridge, London, posted: "My life really sucks! Can’t believe I got the coronavirus."

Many people commented his post, wishing him a speedy recovery after he was admitted to hospital.

Danny was initially initially taken to Hillingdon Hospital, in Middlesex, according to the Liverpool Echo.

As his symptoms got worse, on March 23 he was taken to the intensive care unit at Hammersmith Hospital.

He wrote on Facebook that doctors wanted to put him in a seven-day coma to let his body recover - but due to his underlying conditions that was not an option.

On March 24, the Liverpool fan posted a selfie with a thumb up and the caption: "Day Four Update. Looks nice out from the window wish I was participating in the Vitamin D. Finding hard to breathe, still fighting."

The Facebook post was his last update from the hospital room as before he died at around 1am on Thursday.

Danny's brother, 36-year-old Vinny Sharma, said he was sharing daily updates to encourage people to take the virus seriously.

He said: "He was a fantastic guy with a big heart, and he is someone who we are going to miss a great deal.

"Hopefully he will find some peace."

However due to their recent contact with Danny, Vinny and his mum are now in self-isolation.

He said: "Normally the door is always open, the stove is always on and your family are close around.

I am in isolation, but it is not so bad for me because I have a partner and a little one, but my mum is all on her own."

Vinny said his brother was a huge football fan and before health and mobility problems took their toll would travel to watch Liverpool games at Anfield.