Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Coronavirus leaves Italy’s morgues overflowing with corpses as death

Morgues in Italy are overhwhelmed as the latest figures show that 2,158 people have now died from the coronavirus in the country.

Some in the hardest-hit northern areas of Italy are said to be unable to cope with the number of bodies despite working around the clock.

The Lombardy region in the north of the country has been particularly hit hard with Brother Marco Bergamelli, one of the priests at the All Saints church in Bergamo, telling the New York Times that the church could not cope with the demand.

"Unfortunately, we don't know where to put them," Bergamelli said. "It takes time and the dead are many."

Crematoriums are said to be working 24 hours a day but still cannot keep up.

The latest figures released on Monday showed there had been 2,158 deaths and 27,980 known infections.

The death toll in the country is the highest outside China.


  1. And yet not one picture of these deaths has leaked on the web. Something is not adding up about this corona virus.

  2. Not even the picture of the infected persons nor their corpse! Fuck you all with ya fake stories. The greatest news is that no one gonna flie. I pray for those that are on their way to meet God, tell Him more are on their way.