Thursday, March 19, 2020

Enormous 15st, 7ft tall Great Dane often mistaken for horse

The owner of a 7ft tall Great Dane says her pooch is constantly mistaken for a horse. However that doesn't stop Thunder - who weighs more than 15 stone - from trying to sit on her lap.

The colossal canine lives with Jenny Saccoccia,  35, and her home developer husband, Chris, 37 in their four bedroom house in King City in Ontario, Canada.

The eight-year-old hound cuts such a striking figure that when they take him for a walk, passing drivers frequently pull over to take pictures, convinced that he's a horse.

"People stop to take photos and can't believe that he's a dog," Jenny, who herself is 5ft 1, says.
"They think I'm walking a horse.

"Even the vet is always talking about Thunder because they can’t believe how big he is."

Despite his size, Jenny says he's a gentle giant who is adored by children and smaller dogs alike.

"He's so well behaved, we can leave food out and he won't touch it," she says.

"He just hangs out with us, he pokes his head in the fridge but doesn't touch anything.

"My friend has a two pound Chihuahua and she loves Thunder.

"She jumps on his ankles and he's great with kids. All of our nieces, nephews and cousins love him too."

The Great Dane is even afraid of smaller dogs, and it's the couple's Pomeranian Chichi, Malamute Tulu and Yorkshire Terrier Peanut who rule the roost in their house.

"He wouldn't hurt a fly," Jenny added.

"If you yell at him, he'll sit in the corner and turn his back to the wall.

"We baby him because he's so good and so gentle.

"He tries to sit on my knee because he doesn't realise how big he is and he's knocked me over so many times but he does it by accident - he's just playing.

"His tail is at the same height as a man's groin so they have to be careful playing with him too."

Thunder comes from a long line of colossal canines and his dad is a champion show dog.