Monday, March 2, 2020

Homes in New York completely covered in ice after temperatures get icy (shocking photos)

An icy blast and blizzard in the East Coast has frozen over a Lake Erie neighborhood in New York, transforming homes into igloos and the water into an ice sheet.

Homes in Hamburg, New York were completely covered in ice over the weekend, with icicles hanging down from doors and windows, leaving some homes completely in the dark due to frosted windows.

The damage was so extreme that some residents had to force their way out of the house as the ice covering their homes was between one to three inches thick.

'I actually had to go out a secondary door and then chisel my way back into the house by breaking the ice,' Hoover Beach resident Ed Mis said.

Mis said he checked in on his neighbors after waking up and realizing the entire neighborhood was covered in ice.

He said the woman living next door to him had her home completely covered in thick ice that almost reached her roof.

'This is like our sixth storm in a matter of a few months, and it’s kind of wearing on everybody,'