Monday, March 23, 2020

How Atiku's son testing positive for coronavirus as created a buzz on social media

Nigerians aren't happy that former Vice-President Atiku's son got back into the country and tested positive for coronavirus. It simply means 'he brought it in'. Many have chastised him, while others said he might not know he had the virus.

Anyway, one Kevin Odanz made the debate more tensed, when he said over 50 people in Abuja are carrying the virus and he personally knows some people who have been quarantined for hanging out with the former VP's son.

Kevin alleged the said man returned and was all over Abuja -- going to supermarkets and chilling at play. This however angered Nigerians the more, but someone who from his tweet seems to know the carrier, denied Kevin's claims and tweeted this;

Kevin's post that created the buzz...