Monday, March 23, 2020

Ik Osakioduwa denies infecting people at the AMVCA with coronavirus (watch)

Recall news went out few days ago that a famous celebrity who just returned from London attended the AMVCA 2020 and then proceeded to an after party at a club despite carrying the deadly virus?

Well no particular name was mentioned, but now, people are speculating it’s big boy Ik Osakioduwa. Not comfortable with the speculations, IK today released a video denying he has the virus and categorically said, it’s been a while he travelled to London. According to IK, he hasn’t even being there this year.

He also seized the opportunity to tell people he had no virus and he is home with his family, self-isolating and social distancing like every family should do.

‘’Lies lies lies! No Corona virus here. My family and I are safe’’, he tagged the video. Watch it below...