Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Jennifer Aniston gives fans a rare glimpse into her luxurious Beverly Hills mansion as she shares snap of her breath-taking back garden at sunrise

Jennifer Aniston has given her fans a rare glimpse into her Hollywood lifestyle as she shared a snap of her luxurious back garden on Instagram.

The actress, 51, who lives in a lavish mansion in Beverly Hills, posted a snap of her garden at sunrise along with the caption: 'Morning glory'.

Jennifer's spacious garden looks like the perfect place for the film star to go when she needs some privacy.

The space features an upper and lower level along with several plants and what appears to be a seating area on the left side.

Jennifer no doubt appreciates the location of her home, which features stunning viewers of the Los Angeles basin.

Jennifer worked with designer Stephen Shadley to transform the 1970s house into a breathtaking retreat.

The Friends star previously told how she calls the house 'Ohana', a Hawaiian word meaning 'family'.
Speaking to Architectural Digest about the abode, Jennifer said she was 'so proud' of the house, saying: 'It's like a big hug. People can get so distracted by static, I love the silence here.'

She added: 'The house has a rather glamorous, old-fashioned Hollywood quality. I can just imagine the Rat Pack stopping by; someone is playing the piano, and people are laughing in the next room.'