Saturday, March 28, 2020

Ministers donate 50% of their march salary to fight COVID-19

Nigeria’s 43 cabinet ministers have donated 50 percent of their March salaries towards the federal government’s efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, said on Saturday.

According to Mohammed, the donation was coordinated by the Minister of State for Transportation, Senator Gbemisola Saraki.

In a statement issued by Mohammed’s office on Saturday in Abuja. Saraki was quoted as saying it (the donation) was a gesture of solidarity and support for the federal government’s efforts to tackle the disease.

”This global virus outbreak will require nations, continents and smaller communities to pull together to contribute their resources and support one another. This will facilitate an early resolution of the
problem,” Saraki was quoted as saying.


  1. Just 50%? Thank God its everywhere. They'd have travelled outta Nigeria.

  2. They cant even donate one full salary out of 12 months. It shows how Nigerians are important to them

  3. From the billions they are earning