Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Nigerian man to pay N50k fine if he fails to attend a party

A Nigerian man identified as Henry Shield has revealed on micro-blogging social media platform, Twitter that he has to pay a fine if he fails to attend a certain party he has been invited to.

According to him, the party organizers said he must come with his wife or girlfriend and failure to attend will attract a N50,000 fine.

Dude is now on twitter asking for people's opinions. He wants to know if he should attend, or just pay the N50k fine and have his peace. His tweet below...

He wrote: “My group is having a private barbecue & pool party tomorrow. Every member is to come with their female partner. Either Wife or girlfriend. Failure to show up, you pay N50K. Should I just pay the money or?”


  1. Why? Cult things

  2. Is he not part of the group. Abeg all these attention seeking

    1. Dont mind him....some of them will use attension to get themselves into trouble. shey na today he just join cult ni? who no know say na cult meeting dem dey fine person for?

  3. What is our own here?