Monday, March 2, 2020

Nigerian man who killed snake in his toilet says it's God

A Nigerian man has shared his experience of how he killed a snake in his own toilet last night. Taking to social media to share photos, the man who is full of thanks to God wrote;

''As much as I don't want this to have a spiritual undertone, God did save me this night reason is,
Am already set to eat this night, Infact I was seated already na so to shit come dey worry me, I was like, if I chop finish I go shit naw but the urge was so crazy I just have to go.

Getting to the toilet, saw this snake trapped in between the toilet's window frames. How it got there, I don't know, how he got trapped, I don't know but two things could have happened

1) I might have sat down to do my thing and this serpent bite me from the head or
2) it fit Don enter inside the closet and bite my blockos(scrotum)