Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Photos: Woman in hysterics as £110 ASOS dress she ordered makes her 'look like Jesus'

A young woman has shared photos of a dress she ordered from ASOS, which arrived and didn't quite fit as well as she'd have liked.

Student, Abigail Ross, purchased a kimono-style dress from the online retailer to wear on her 21st birthday next month.

However, when she tried it on, the 'pale pistachio' coloured garment left her laughing hysterically, due to it's rather terrible fit and shape.

Seeing the funny side of it, Abigail, from Whitehaven, Cumbria, shared snaps of herself modelling it with friends on Whatsapp.

Her pals instantly compared the look to something Jesus might have worn.

Abigail said: "One of my friends mentioned that I looked like Jesus, then I realised, because of the drapes, I actually looked like one of the 12 disciples.

"I’d ordered a few dresses as it’s going to be my 21st in April.

"I panic ordered that one because the others didn’t look nice and then it came and it looked like a tablecloth," she said.