Friday, March 20, 2020

P.o.r.nhub traffic explodes as Coronavirus traps users at home

Po.rnhub revealed that worldwide traffic to the site has increased by 11.6% as people begin to self-quarantine and work from home in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

On a normal day, Pornhub has roughly 120 million visitors, but with the traffic spike, almost 134 million people are getting their fix on a daily basis — and many of them are explicitly searching for coronavirus porn. According to their analytics team, the site has logged more than 9.1 million searches containing either “corona” or “covid,” a figure that’s equal parts fascinating and disturbing.

Pornhub reports that its worldwide traffic has exploded over the last month, and specifically, from March 8 to March 17. As people around the world have begun to settle into self-isolation, traffic to the site has been above-average and steadily rising.

On Tuesday, March 17, worldwide P,or,nhub traffic was up 11.6% compared to an average day in early February (you know, back when things were normal), a high for the site during the period of time recorded. That same day, U.S. traffic spiked by 6.4%, so clearly people had a very fun St. Patrick’s Day.

According to Pornhub, offering free Premium access to people in locked down countries has also helped increase site visitors. On March 12, the website offered free Premium content for all of Italy, resulting in a massive 57% change in traffic boom. On March 16, Pornhub did the same for users in France and Spain and saw similar above-average increases of 38.2% and 61.3%, respectively.

It seems like the public health crisis has inspired a large portion of these 134 million visitors, as well. Pornhub reports that statisticians have recorded more than 9 million searches containing either “corona” or “covid” in the last 30 days, a figure that peaked on March 5 with 1.5 million searches. Since then, fewer people have been searching for coronavirus porn, but the number hasn’t dwindled entirely: on March 16, the site logged 427,504 searches for sexy COVID-19 content.

Shockingly, U.S. viewers are among the least likely to search for coronavirus porn. According to Pornhub’s analytics, visitors from Slovakia are 119% more likely to search for steamy virus videos, followed by Bulgaria and Ireland (both 88%). Comparatively, American visitors are only 10% more likely to search for coronaviru


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