Sunday, March 22, 2020

Quality of Nollywood stories has improved –Kehinde Bankole

Popular actress, Kehinde Bankole, said she had rejected many movie roles. In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Bankole said, “I have rejected some roles. It happens every now and then. There are many factors that can make me reject a role. It could be the story. The money may be good but I might not be able to connect with my character in the story. Also, it could be about finance— if I feel the person inviting me for the job should be able to do more.”

The talented actress maintained that the quality of storytelling has improved in Nollywood. “The quality of our stories is very different now because the demand for good stories has increased. The hope and prayer is that writers, creative people and production houses will rise to the demand and push out better stories.”

On her current projects, Bankole said, “It is time for me to start producing my own movies. Plans are in the works. One needs to be ready financially, materially, psychologically and mentally. One needs to get to a particular point before one can produce one’s movie. One shouldn’t put the cart before the horse.”