Wednesday, March 18, 2020

See pictures of ultra luxurious $110 million private jet

You can also fly on a private jet with 16 friends, with double beds, huge en-suites and a fuel tank which can fly you 6,000 miles non-stop.

The only problem? It will set you back $110m for the entire plane.

If you split it between friends, it only costs a cool £5.3m each.

The ACJ320neo aircraft has been designed by Yves Pickardt of Alberto Pinto Interior Design for Acropolis Aviation, a UK charter operator.

The modified Airbus is larger than other private jets created by Bombardier, with a master bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

The high-quality interiors have been compared to a luxury flat, with leather sofas and mahogany beds.

The en-suite shower is also thought to be the largest ever featured on an Airbus aircraft.

The plane has enough room for 19 people to sit

There is enough room for 17 people to sleep, or 19 people to sit, and the fuel tank can carry enough for 6,000 miles  - the distance from London to Seattle or New York to Tokyo.

The plane is also better for the environment, with new engines and sharklet wingtips which allow for better fuel consumption and additional range.

Acropolis chief executive Jonathan Bousfield said: "It's something something very special, which will set new standards of comfort and well-being within the VIP charter market, fully utilising the cabin space."