Monday, March 16, 2020

Toolz removes husband’s name from bio raising fears her marriage has truly crashed

There have been speculations that  radio big girl, Toolz' marriage to Captain Tunde Demuren may have hit the rocks, and now Toolz seems to have confirmed that.

Before now, she had her husband’s name on her Instagram bio, and also proud flaunted she is chairman’s mom (chairman is a nickname for their son).

But over night, Toolz edited her bio, yanking off her husband’s name, while proudly still leaving the title of being Chairman’s mom.

She also shared a cryptic message implying she now flies solo.

''Those who fly solo have the strongest wings'', she wrote.

This is coming ahead of their 4th wedding anniversary this year.


  1. I just hope all is well

  2. Na so Dem dey start

  3. This to shall pass. I love them together

  4. This to shall pass. I love them together

  5. No, hoping they will sort it
    No marriage is easy

  6. Ladun
    What's this news about Banky W sleeping with Gabriel Afolayan's wife about?

  7. Ha! I hope they work things out.

  8. For guys, if you marry a high class society girl, your sources of income better truly be top notch, and never dry up.

    The moment Wizkid got himself free from the clutches of Empire Mates Entertainment (co-owned by this Demuren guy and Banky W), I knew for a fact that Demuren’ and Banky W’ marriages will be crashing because there wouldn’t be any more money to sustain the lifestyle of their wives.

    For these ladies it is nothing but no money no honey.

    Glory be to God that Banky W is now a politician, because the funds he getting from being a politician is what is saving his own marriage to Adesua Etomi.

    Had Banky W lost the election he contested for, he would have become a BROKE ASS NIGGER like Demuren, and his marriage to Adesua Etomi would have crashed too.

    For guys reading me, please avoid marrying any of these ladies.
    If you date them, do your own and move on to LOW MAINTENANCE Nija ladies to marry.

    Marrying a High Maintenance woman is also what crashed Dr Sid marriage.

    Marrying any high maintenance woman is recipe for disaster.