Monday, March 23, 2020

U.I student cries out on social media... I have suspected coronavirus and NCDC is not taking me seriously

A Nigerian believed to be a student of the university of Ibadan has cried out on social media via his friend's handle -- @t_challaa, saying he is seriously showing symptoms of COVID-19 and needs help ASAP.

According to him, he has been calling NCDC lines, but they allegedly told him they are interested in people that have a travel history.

Sending out the SOS and begging to be saved, he said it isn't a prank and he left school on Friday for Lagos when he started noticing different changes in his body.

He claims his sickness started with fever, then difficulty in breathing and right now he has dry cough and can't lie down to sleep. He however begged social media users to help tag appropriate authorities as he wants to be saved.

''I'm a student of UI,  I left school on Friday when I started noticing different changes in my body .. It all started with fever then, difficult breathing set in... Right now,  I feel pain,  have dry cough and chest pain... I can't lie down to sleep...  @NCDCgov'' he started his tweet.

''I've called NCDC several times, they said they are interested in those that have travel history which I don't... I was on campus when everything started... Please kindly forward it  till it gets to the appropriate person... As I write this..  I write it pain ... Save me please..''. he continued.

''I'm currently in Lagos,19 Okumeibo street Morogbo precisely. ..My line is 07063168831'', he wrote.

''I'm tweeting this for a friend. Please this is not a prank.

''Please I am not the one with the symptoms, I'm just tweeting for a friend

''He has been to the hospital and was told he is probably suffering from ulcer and was given drugs to use.

''However, the Isolation centre in Lagos state have been contacted on the case'', another tweet read.


  1. One of the problems poor masses will faced

  2. Masses will suffer this when it fully spread in Nigeria.