Tuesday, March 3, 2020

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson loses ex-mother-in law

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson loses ex-mother-in law. His estranged wife Marina Wheeler is in mourning after her mother passed away.

Dip Singh, 88, died on Sunday February 23 - just six days before Mr Johnson's partner Carrie Symonds announced that she was pregnant and the couple were engaged.

A source close to the Wheeler family told MailOnline: 'Dip was not only the head, but also the much respected darling of the family.

'The Wheelers are being totally dignified and focusing on the funeral and will not talk about Boris in public at all.'

It was not yet known whether the Prime Minister will be invited to attend the funeral on Friday.

Ms Wheeler, who recently beat cervical cancer, is divorcing Mr Johnson after throwing him out in 2018 amid claims he was having an affair with Ms Symonds.

She is also said to be aggrieved that Boris became engaged and tried for a baby while they are divorcing.