Sunday, March 29, 2020

UK's youngest female murderer could be jailed for life after plotting to kill inmate

The youngest female ­murderer in Britain could be locked up for ever after a court heard she plotted to kill another inmate.

Sharon Carr – dubbed the Devil’s Daughter lost a legal bid for cushier conditions after her sick fantasies emerged.

And tonight crime ­campaigners call for the ­authorities to “throw away the key”.

Carr is ­serving life for the knife ­killing, when she was only 12, of a teenage ­hairdresser nearly three decades ago.

She had begged judges for a relaxation of her ­“restricted ­prisoner” status, which sees her often kept in solitary.

But it was thrown out after it was discovered she dreamed of splitting open another lag’s head and hurling her down stairs.

The High Court ruled people would be at risk if Carr, now 40, was moved to softer surroundings.

And she was denied permission to appeal – meaning she faces being locked up indefinitely.

In his judgment Mr Justice Julian Knowles said there was “no convincing evidence” that the risk Carr posed to the public “had significantly reduced”.

He wrote she had “thoughts of wanting to murder another ­resident by splitting her head open and throwing her down the stairs to snap her neck, whilst also being involved in an altercation with another resident with whom she had been in a relationship”.

Carr picked on Katie Rackliff, 18, at random in Farnborough, Hants, in 1992, stabbing her 32 times.