Thursday, March 5, 2020

YouTuber who kidnapped lawyer and demanded ransom in Bitcoin is jailed for 50 years

A YouTuber who kidnapped a woman in Mexico and demanded her ransom in Bitcoin has been sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Germán Loera, 25, who describes himself as an entrepreneur, was part of a gang of six who grabbed a 33-year-old lawyer off a street in Chihuahua City and bundled her into a car.

Thania Denisse was taken to a house rented by Loera, who demanded 2 million pesos (£80,500) in Bitcoins for her release.

Police rescued the lawyer two days later and managed to arrest four of the culprits.

Chihuahua district attorney Cesar Peniche told local media Loera was ‘a very experienced person in internet communication’ who tried to direct the kidnapping negotiations online.

But Mr Peniche added that ‘on the issue of Bitcoins, even if it is a novel instrument, it is also traceable in the end’, and that the kidnappers’ digital footprint allowed police to find them.