Wednesday, April 8, 2020

12-week-old baby contracts coronavirus in UK... now discharged but still asked to be self-isolated at home

A mother-of-two has spoken of her ordeal when a 'senior doctor' told her that her 12-week-old daughter could not have contracted coronavirus, only to find out 24 hours later she had.

Little Winter-Rose Watson is thought to be one of the youngest cases of coronavirus in the UK.

Her mother, Jade Watson, 27, from Burnley in Lancashire, claimed a 'senior doctor' at the Royal Blackburn Hospital initially ruled out the chance her daughter had Covid-19, saying babies cannot catch the virus.

She added they told her they would not be testing the child, according to a report by SWNS. 'That really upset me, and they could see that,' she said.

However, one consultant who did want to test Winter-Rose produced results that the infant had indeed contracted coronavirus.

Ms Watson suspected her daughter was ill on April 2 when she noticed Winter-Rose had a high temperature.

'I contacted 111 and they advised me to stay at home,' she said.

'But at about 5am on Friday (April 3) I'd set my alarm to check on her and she'd got really warm, even more than she was before.

'I didn't even need to touch her, there was heat just coming off her. She was gasping for breath.'

Winter-Rose's condition did improve over the weekend and she was discharged on Monday to self-isolate for 14 days.

Ms Watson's six-year-old son has been sent to live with his father as a precaution.

It is unknown where the child contracted the virus.