Saturday, April 4, 2020

Amir Khan defies social distancing rules as he hosts birthday party for FIVE friends

Amir Khan defied the Government's strict rules on social distancing last night as he hosted a party for five of his friends.

The boxer enjoyed a cosy takeaway curry at his home in Bolton and videoed the  gathering before posting the footage onto his Instagram feed.

Quickly realising what he had done, he deleted the film but not before eagle-eyed fans had spotted it.

The video shows Amir and three pals tucking into tasty plates of food, laughing and joking in the face of government guidelines to avoid socialising with those who do not live in your household as part of the drive to stem coronavirus from spreading.

Just three hours after sharing the video with his 1.3 million Instagram followers, Amir removed it, telling MailOnline that he was ‘truly sorry’ for what he had done.

Ironically, the boxer had earlier posted a video urging people to remain in their homes and follow the government’s coronavirus advice on social distancing.

In a grovelling apology, Amir told MailOnline: ‘I was wrong and I’m truly sorry to the British public. I should not have had this party for my friends and as soon as I posted the video, I realised that it was sending out the wrong message.

It was really silly of me and a very stupid thing to do. I put myself in danger and also my friends. I wish I’d listened to my own advice.

'I can understand why some people are calling me a hypocrite, but I want to promise them, I will not do something like this again.’

Amir, 33 revealed that the party took place in a separate house, which he refers to as his ‘man cave’ which is located in the grounds of his £1.2 million mansion in Bolton, Lancashire.

He stressed that his wife Faryal, 28 daughters Lamaisah, 5 and Alayan, 23 months and son Muhammad Zaviyar, who was only born last month did not come into contact with his friends.

Amir said: ‘I know I stupidly put them at risk even though they didn’t even see my friends and remained in the main home. But that doesn’t make what I did right.

'I should have been more careful about looking after my family and also considerate about public feeling at this time.’

Amir’s ‘man cave’ comprises a cinema room, games room, designer kitchen and an adjoining swimming pool.

The boxer admitted: ‘I don’t want to rub the British public’s nose in it by having a nice time in my man cave at a time like this.

'I should have been more understanding of this and that’s why I removed the video. People don’t want to see somebody like me living it up while they’re suffering and don’t have any money or jobs.’

Amir hosted the party for his friend Toheed Tazmin, who was celebrating his 40th birthday and is affectionately known as Dr Tee.

Two other boxing pals who also attended were Ismail Khan and Zabar Khan. All of them also posted videos of the raucous party on their own Instagram accounts.

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