Monday, April 20, 2020

British woman is spending lockdown with her husband, ex husband, his girlfriend and their five kids

A mum has revealed she is doing the coronavirus lockdown with her husband, her ex-partner, his new girlfriend and all their children.

Katie Blackmer, from Tennessee, and her extended family are under one roof while the lockdown is in place across the US to try and stop the spread of the killer bug.

The 32-year-old told Sun Online that when she split with Stephen Shepard she vowed they would never be friends but the two breakaway families are happy living in the same house.

Katie said Stephen, their two children, Katie's new husband Ben, Stephen's long-term girlfriend Brandy Henderson, 32, and their two kids are all getting on well isolating together though they have to ration toilet paper due to panic-buying leaving shops without enough supplies.

She said: "I suppose for most people, the thought of living with their ex-husband would fill them with horror, but for me and Stephen it has made perfect sense."

Katie and Stephen met when they were both 18 and she was working at a bar and the pair wed in 2002 and had three children Gracelyn, 12, Kaylynn, 11, and six-year-old Colston.

Their marriage nosedived in 2014 and they separated the following year with both going on to meeting new partners fairly quickly but they were both so bitter they made things difficult for each other.

When Katie started dating her now husband Ben relations with Stephen worsened as Ben was his friend.

Stephen was furious when Katie and Ben got married in 2016 but things turned around when Gracelyn and Kaylynn started playing softball.

The children's coach was Stephen and when one of the other mums told Katie the parents were upset with the toxic atmosphere between the divorced couple they decided to try and improve things between them.

They tried be cordial but in May 2017 Stephen and his brother Michael were in an accident when their car collided with a 18 wheeler truck.

Michael died two weeks later and Stephen had bleeding on the brain and fluid on the spine and needed 24-hour round the clock but was unable to pay for rehab care so Katie offered to look after him in her home and she said he wanted to be "with his kids".

Katie said: "He was single and living on his own which meant that he couldn’t look after himself properly. It was natural for him to move in with us."

When I asked Stephen where he wanted to go when he was discharged from hospital he said "with my kids".

Katie said her Ben took on the 'challenging' task of caring for her ex-husband and they helped him to walk, re-learn life skills.

He never returned home and in December 2017 he started dating Brandy who was Katie's friend from high school.

The new couple decided to find a new home with Brandy's two children but were unable to find a suitable property so took up Katie's offer for them to all move in with her where they split all the bills in half including the mortgage.

All four parents all classed as essential workers as Katie is a bookkeeper, both dads repair ambulances and Brandy works in a nursing home, so they have be extremely organised.