Friday, April 17, 2020

Canada declares 4 Nigerians wanted for $2m romance scams

Canadian police in Saskatchewan have declared four Nigerians wanted, while another one has been arrested.

The Nigerians are wanted in connection with $2m romance scams.

All the suspects are in their 20s.

Multiple reports identified the Nigerians as Kelvin Awani, 24, Jonah Eigbuluese, 22, Joshua Ometie, 25 and Clinton Newton, 27.

The police declared them wanted following an 18-month investigation.

Austin Newton, the fifth Nigerian was arrested in January.

Police linked him with $360,000 romance scams.

He will make his next appearance at Regina provincial court on April 21.

Investigation by federal RCMP officers involved a series of surveillance operations.

The Police also combed over 50 Canadian bank accounts.

According to the police, the five Nigerians have ties with a larger international criminal organisation.

In a press statement, the police said they were “struck by the apparent authenticity of these online romances”.

Also baffling to the police was the time the Nigerians devoted to their victims.


  1. I wonder why anyone will wnat to waste his life in prison

  2. Nigerians no dey carry last

  3. They should face the law