Sunday, April 5, 2020

COVID-19: Couple married for 51 years die just minutes apart

A devoted couple who had been married for more than 50 years died within six minutes of each other after contracting coronavirus.

Now their heartbroken son says he hopes their death is not in vain - urging people to take the killer bug seriously.

Stuart and Adrian Baker, aged 74 and 72 respectively, had been healthy before their illness, which began around three weeks ago.

They died in the same room after their ventilators were turned off.

The retired couple, from Florida, first fell unwell three weeks ago, before the scale of the crisis had hit home in the US.They died on Sunday, just minutes apart.

Their son Buddy Baker recorded a video urging people to stay at home and save lives after the tragedy

The sports agent, 41, told CNN : "Until it touches you or touches somebody you know or you hear a story, you kind of feel removed from it.

"Hopefully my parents' passing doesn't go in vain."

He said his parents had fallen ill "pre the world shutting down", and had no idea the seriousness of the condition.They were advised by a doctor go to a hospital, where they were told to self-isolate.

Tragically as Stuart's condition deteriorated, he had to be admitted to hospital.

Buddy said he received a call saying his dad wasn't going to make it - prompting him to take his mum to hospital as a precaution.

Within 45 minutes she was checked in, and doctors announced that she too would not recover.

They were moved to a hospice, where they were able to be in the same room as their ventilators were turned off.

"They were as compatible and inseparable as two human beings have ever been married and existed on earth," Buddy said.