Thursday, April 2, 2020

Lockdown: Emelda Ezinne Remi escapes death as her generator catches fire

Emelda Ezinne Remi winner of  Mrs (not Miss) Nigeria Universe has escaped death at home. She took to Instagram to explain how her generator caught fire from over working.

She said they had to keep the generator on to preserve perishable items in her fridge. She was home with her family not knowing the generator already caught fire and her street was already filled with smoke.

A very angry Emelda took her anger on social media to criticize the government, saying even during this lockdown, Nigeria can't provide electricity for it's citizens.

Sharing the very ugly experience accompanied with photos, via her handle -- @ladyemelda, she wrote;

“NIGERIA I hail thee,
LAGOS state, I hail thee ooo,
EKEDC come and see.
—————————————————————- Generator completely burnt because ,NO LIGHT!
Generator is overworked, because we are preserving perishable items that were stocked for this period.
It’s crazy how a country like Nigeria cannot generate enough power for her citizens neither can they find a way to compensate us this “Lockdown” period.
Just 3 states are on complete lock down, yet the welfare and sanity of the people don’t matter to you guys in power. ————————————————————————
This is exactly what @adaameh was frantically talking about yesterday on @instablog9ja
One day this wickedness would end and all you underserving leaders would exist no more. ——————————————————————
I thank God for preserving our lives and house (where would we have been this period?).
It could have been worse, as we were indoor, didn’t know the entire street has been filled with smoke coming from our house.”


  1. Pls buy good genset next time .

    1. Just shut the fuck up already! Do you own a generator at your residence fool? You all come up here and write shit

    2. Indeed. Must they on the generator for 24 hours? Can a human work for 24 hours not to talk of a generator set smh

  2. So mind your business stacks