MASSIVE Throwback! For Better, For Best


Oh my days! This song has been on repeat in the last two hours and oh boy, mama is still dancing (lol).

Sigh, came across the song again, and we instantly clicked, lol.

The lytics are baaaad. Anyone that doesn’t like this song, is not a lover boy or girl o, sigh sigh sigh!

You people should be using this song to toast girls o, lol. Hear verse 1… EVERY WORD IN BRACKET IS MY OWN EXPRESSION, lool. The way i have turned this house into an house party is the KEY mehn, right key!

”Sheybi i tell u say if u leave me na die (chai chai)
Sheybi i tell u say, every shopping na Dubai (before nko)
My love for you na for better for best (yes o)
Forget the rest. You  no go regret (wawu)
Ishey lo so mo nu bi o ko (omo ishey yen po, LOL)
You bless me with your smile but you don’t know (awww)
Na you bikoooooooooooooooooo

Gone are the days wey owu dey blow (yes o)
Nobody see us, now dem say we dey pose (mschew)
Aye mi ni, i go live am as i know (tell dem o, yes o lol)
It’s my lifeeeeeeeeeeee (chai these lyrics sweet die)

Ayam not working o, I just want to keep dancing for the rest of the night… lol… Happiness is sweet… it’s been a lovely evening. Listen to the song below… You will love the lyrics… Tried to find the real page, didn’t get it. Listen to the one i found sha…

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