Sunday, April 19, 2020

Nigerian pastor PROMISES to wake Abba Kyari from dead if given the chance

A Nigerian Pastor, Goodheart Val Aloysius who pastors from Calabar has promised to wake Abba Kyari from dead if given the chance.

The Pastor in a Facebook post claimed he saw the Chief of Staff's death a week ago,  but no one gave him the chance to do a thing about it. Though dead, he however says he could raise him from death. His words put out to Nigerians via Facebook below...

“JESUS IS THE ANSWER TO THIS PANDEMIC. ABBA KYARI CAN COME BACK TO LIFE….Let the family of Chief of Staff to the president not be in a hurry to bury Abba Kyari let me be given a chance and in the name of Jesus christ of Nassaret Abba Kyari will live again!!! I saw all this coming last week I lamented for a chance but was not given because a prophet has no honour in his own country…Dr Good heart Val is my name a.k.a MY FATHER MY FATHER”.


  1. He wanted to commit suicide but wasn't allowed. There are people in hospitals around you,ho n heal them. There are mortuariee around too. Go there n raise them from the dead. Asiere somebody,scammer,anuofia,ekwensu!

  2. This guy is a stupid demented fake as pastor

  3. It is not too late. They should go and fetch him with Nigeria presidential jet and give him chance to do the miracle since he is sure. If he fails he should be prosecuted according to the law.