Sunday, April 5, 2020

Piers Morgan to bid £10k for Thierry Henry's shirt in coronavirus find raising

Piers Morgan promised to bid £10,000 as part of fundraising efforts for NHS charities.

The gesture was in response to an auction started by footballing legend Robbie Savage.

The footballer has been raising money to contribute to the NHS Charities Covid-19 Urgent Appeal as well as 250 other charity groups.

As part of the event, sporting ace Thierry Henry agreed to auction his 100th Arsenal goal shirt as the prize.

"Speaking to @ThierryHenry reps this week, we have agreed to Auction his 100th @Arsenal Goal Shirt! Money raised will go to NHS Charities Together - which works with 250 NHS charities & are currently running the @NHSuk Charities Covid-19 Urgent Appeal!" Robbie wrote on Twitter."Brilliant idea... well done mate. I’ll bid £10,000," Piers responded on social media.

Piers Morgan's bid was met with a mixed response among his 7.2 million Twitter followers. Some followers criticised such a bid couldn't be matched by other people.

"Exactly why you shouldn’t have bidding because rich people will always win. Why not raffle it at £5/£10 a ticket and anyone can win?" Wrote one follower, among the masses.

Others wrote: "Piers, im a fan and agree with the majority of things you say on here, I have to question though, if you have 10k to bid on a shirt for charity, then why not donate the 10k anyway ? Why wait for the shirt to be auctioned?"

"£5 per raffle ticket would generate millions and give everyone a fair chance, this will raise money yes, but allow public to join in and it could be record breaking."

The auction has been one of the many fundraising efforts currently taking place across the globe in a bid to support people during the coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of March, Piers also vowed to pay the parking tickets of all NHS staff.