Monday, April 20, 2020

REMAINS of Bayelsa Plaza at Trade Fair Complex, Ojo after it was gutted by fire (video)

The Bayelsa Plaza at the International Centre for Commerce, ICC, at the Trade Fair Complex, Ojo, Lagos, was yesterday, April 19th gutted by fire.

Businesses have been shut down at the Trade Fair with shops closed for almost 4 weeks since Lagos began its total lockdown, making business men to stay away from their businesses.

Sadly, yesterday the plaza was gutted by fire, with goods worth millions of naira consumed in the fire.

Most of the shop owners only got to hear about the fire this morning. The sad remains of the plaza right below...


  1. This is too much. Why should people people return to loss of their livelihoods in this current economic situation

  2. God will replenish the loss

  3. No No what's all this..... Someone's sweat gone just like that......Lord God please help us