Thursday, May 21, 2020

155 people die from coronavirus in a single housing complex

Around 155 people have been killed by the coronavirus in a single Bronx housing development, new statistics show, as it’s revealed the borough has suffered nearly twice as many deaths and infections than any other part of New York City.

So far in the Bronx, nearly 4,300 of its 1.4 million residents have died from covid-19 since the deadly virus began ravaging the county in March - compared to around 2,800 of Manhattan’s 1.6 million inhabitants.

And within the borough itself, no place has suffered more devastation than the housing development known as Co-op City.

Data released by city health officials this week revealed that the virus has killed at least 155 people living in the zip code that covers the complex – or roughly 1 in every 282 residents.

Cut off from much of the borough by Interstate 95, Co-op City is the largest single residential development in the US, housing 43,000 residents in 35 towers and seven townhouse clusters. It’s also home for one of the largest elderly communities in the nation, with a population that is 92 percent non-white.