Saturday, May 16, 2020

Again, Ex-Super Falcons player, Chi Chi Igbo hints she is a lesbian [see receipts]

Again, Ex-Super Falcons player, Chi Chi Igbo has hinted she is a lesbian! The footballer who left Falcons for international football, has been in Nigeria for quite sometime now.

Hinting she is in the game, the footballer posted an image which shows a lady banging a lady with the caption; ''I wanna be loyal and nasty with the same damn person FOREVER''.

One would have thought it was a repost, but chi chi personalized it with her Instagram handle name -- meaning she actually wrote it.

A follower of hers, Jane2rule however called her out saying, it would have been the best if she was with a man and not a lady. Chi Chi replied also telling her the last time she checked her name wasn't MRS REAL, but Jane replied emphasising a woman needs a D--K, while a man needs a PU$$Y.

What sayeth thou?D to P or P to P? 😂😂😂 Their convo below....😂😂


  1. She is one of the reasons the world has turned upside down with covid. Why won't God punish us when a woman feels it is right to sleep with another woman

  2. Dick to pussy ofcourse

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. They call it liberation freedom they say it is. My joy is that in d end all if una, paedophile, homo,rapist and lesibo, una go account for una life