Friday, May 22, 2020

Akin Alabi shades those forming 'book masters' on IG Live

During the total lockdown period, many people started IG live shows.

In some, serious matters where discussed, in others, it was entertainment. Many guests of the shows however made sure they were going live from their home libraries, reminding Nigerians the power of reading, lol and maybe just to have total concentration and no distraction from family members.

The shows are still on tho, and now Lawmaker, Akin Alabi is taking a jab at them, saying no one needs to show packs of books, but what matters most is what they are offering -- their content.

''You don’t have to sit near books when making a “serious” video or IG live. It’s your content that matters. Leave packaging'', he wrote.

Well one of his followers disagreed with him, saying in her opinion, a library is one of the most quiet place at home.

''In my opinion i think that is the most quiet place in the house. so most people fix their cameras there for online interviews these days just to avoid destractions. it may not be for show off'', Morenikeji said.