Friday, May 22, 2020

Couple are seen having s.e.x on New York subway platform amid pandemic [photo]

Bizarre video footage has emerged of a raunchy couple having s.e.x on a New York subway platform in plain view of onlookers.

The shocking video circulated online showing a man and woman violating social distancing orders, despite wearing masks, as they got it on at the Flushing Avenue station in Brooklyn.

The minute-long clip was filmed by a chuckling construction worker on the platform across the tracks.

As the lovebirds recklessly took advantage of the practically empty station, the man was seen throwing up a horn hand sign and stuck out his tongue, showing he didn’t care about their very public display of affection.

'This is New York City, you see everything, you hear! ... I can’t even concentrate with s**t like this,' the onlooker filming the clip said.

'Have a good one, bro!' the man filming shouted before walking away.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected 354,000 and killed more than 23,000 in New York state, the MTA has beefed up its safety measures.

The MTA has contracted more cleaners, initiated more cleaning times of the trains, shut down overnight service to disinfect train and rolled out virus-killing ultraviolet lamps.

But MTA officials were light-hearted about the couple who were caught out.

'We are proud the subways are as clean as they’ve ever been, but no need to try them out like these geniuses,' MTA spokesman Tim Minto said.

'Glad we announced our ultraviolet disinfecting pilot yesterday because we are going to need it on this platform,' he added.

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