Sunday, May 24, 2020

Cynthia Morgan launches GoFundMe account to return to music scene after battling illness

Cynthia Morgan has been out of the music scene for sometime after a contract crisis with her music label and worse of all, an illness that consumed all her savings.

In hibernation in Benin, 28 year-old Cynthia was interviewed Friday by Upfront with Sandra.

And she poured her heart out to her like she did in March to Sydney Shocker on ‘LunchTime Friday’

In the latest Instagram Live chat with Sandra, she spoke about her illness, which was not drug related.

She spoke on why she relocated to Benin to recuperate and save costs and how she fell into depression after she found her resources drained.

She shared her pains and her embarrassment, the reasons she is hiding in Benin.

Now Sandra Ogbebor who interviewed her is marshalling efforts to relaunch Cynthia’s music career.

Sandra has launched a GoFundMe campaign for Cynthia. The target is $150,000.

“We have decided to set up this gofundme to appeal to her fans to please contribute in bringing her back on the scene”, Sandra wrote on Saturday.

“She has unreleased fire hits that we can’t wait to share with the world.

“The truth is, she has remained the undisputed queen of dance hall in Nigeria and we need her back”, Sandra added in the appeal to donors.

Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan has adopted a new social media name and stage name, Madrina.

The “German Juice” songstress who crossed over from pop had thrilled her fans with a number of hit songs. For several years, she was crowned the queen of reggae dancehall music.

She was signed to Jude Okoye led North Side INC before things went south.


  1. Whatever happened to her friends that are still financially okay

  2. In a country where 80% are dying of starvation. Look at the stupid cause the enlightened ones are going for. #WatedYouth.

  3. Ladun but she said its isnt drug related illness... if she Sues you now,they would say she is wicked

    1. Sue her for what exactly? Why don't you help Morgan her get a lawyer since she cant afford one

  4. Una dey craze.This gel that is so arrogant and full of herself nahim una want make them donate money for?Who even get the money make he donate because I no get.I dey starve well well.

  5. Wat happened to d money she made before? If they ve money they will live stupid extravagant life, now d bastard is broke she is looking for help. When u had money who u help? busy living fake life.