Monday, May 18, 2020

Friends organize drive through baby shower for friend [video]

First let me warn you,  you might cry. Honestly no jokes!

This is what coronavirus has turned us into, it's so emotional. The love is so real that they wanted to hug badly, but couldn't and some of her friends had to greet her kids making use of their legs... It's so emotional AND BEAUTIFUL..

Biko change your friends o, if your friends can't do this for you, sigh!!! Watch the VERY emotional video below...

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  1. Safe delivery to the expecting mum

  2. This is so lovely

  3. Awww... Congratulations and safe delivery!

  4. Must we copy everything that is done in America.Can't we use our sense to create our own ideas. Most Nigerians have problems.How many times have you seen the Americans copying us.Why must we have baby showers? For the Americans that is their own naming ceremony,they don't have any ceremony after the birth of their babies.

  5. This is not a bad idea