Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Igbo girls are the least educated in Nigeria and still have ''housegirl, prostitute mentality'' in them - Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Ounloyo has taken a swipe at Igno girls, saying they are the least educated in Nigeria.

She claims most of them still have the housegirl, prostitute mentality in them and accused the successful ones of not helping others once they reach the top.

“Igbo girls are the least educated in Nigeria. The HOUSEGIRL and street prostitute mentality is still there. Igbo female icons don’t empower their women enuff. Once they reach the top, they forget the girls in the village. People like Blessing Okoro are changing that”, she wrote on twitter.


  1. Coming from a woman that has been confirmed mad?

  2. Look at the mentally disturbed person... Igbo women shake the world... Fools like her dream of... Dora, okonjo, the Dr that raise alarm on covid in Nigeria,

  3. Confirmento 0909361754506 May, 2020 09:38

    O gbasalu gi?

    Ori Amu job is interesting and fun