Friday, May 22, 2020

Luxury car tuner unveils Mercedes G-Wagon that AK-47 bullets CAN'T PENETRATE [see photos]

German luxury car tuner Brabus has taken a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and cladded it in armoured steel to create a blast-resistant SUV that will keep the most under-threat individuals safe from attack.

Prices - including VAT - start from around £440,000 for the cheapest of the three Brabus Invicto armoured Mercs, with the priciest ringing in at a whopping £645,600 including VAT - and the heavies in the images are not included in that price.

The Mercedes, popular with footballers and celebrities, already costs £90,000, but then Brabus replaces the bodywork with a 'self-contained, self-supporting, bolted structural Shelter Cell' that can withstand AK47 gunfire and military-grade explosive blasts to create a tank-like mobile panic room for the highest level targets with plenty of cash in their pocket.

The shell itself is made from hot-formed armoured steel but also includes 3D-printed protected parts - the first time such features have been combined on a passenger vehicle, unsurprisingly.

How protective is it? Enough to survive a 15kg TNT blast, earning the Invicto an 'VR6-plus level Explosion Resistance Vehicle' rating. The manufacturer claims to have tested this on a number of occasions (gulp!).

The beefed-up Brabus will laugh in the face of single-round hand-pistol gunfire, and can even take the brunt of an AK47 emptying an entire magazine of bullets onto it.

The German car customising firm says the Shelter Cell is entirely resistant because - unlike most vehicles - it doesn't have any panel gaps and it's fitted with bulletproof and shatter-resistant glass in defence against the deadliest of sharp-shooting snipers.

Christian Draser, chief executive at Brabus, explains: 'We have the entire vehicle certified by an accredited German ballistics authority, both with regard to being fired upon and being subjected to explosions as per resistance class VR6 Plus ERV.'

Even with all the extra weight, Brabus claims it will accelerate from 0-to-60mph in 11 second and has a top speed of 130mph - that's quicker than any army tank we can think of.

And it will even escape at speed with the tyres shot out, as the off-road run-flats fitted to the Invicto can be driven on for around 30 miles even when they've been punctured by gun shots.

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