Monday, May 18, 2020

Man rips up his $1,200 stimulus check and says he doesn't need 'Trump money' in his house

A man unimpressed with the coronavirus handouts tore up his $1200 stimulus check, declaring that his house did not need 'Trump money.'

The unidentified man sits proudly in front of the camera and shows that the check shows his address and other personal information.

'We don't need in my house, Trump money,' the man asserts as he tears up the check.

Salsa music plays in the background. It is unknown where the footage was filmed.

The video has gone viral on WorldStarHipHop, where many assumed the man used his phone to put the check in his account before tearing up the check.

The $1,200 checks to cushion the economic blow from the crisis had Trump's name in the memo line, below a line that reads, 'Economic Impact Payment', the Washington Post reported.

Because of the addition of Trump's name, check delivery was delayed for several days.

The name of the president has never before appeared on checks issued by the IRS, such as for tax refunds. Those checks are typically signed by career bureaucrats at the agency.

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