Friday, May 22, 2020

Nurse shares pictures displaying his shocking weight loss after coronavirus had him hospitalised for two months

A nurse who had no pre-existing conditions has shared a shocking photo of his 50-pound weight loss after spending six weeks on a ventilator battling covid-19.

Mike Schultz, 43, was only released from a Massachusetts hospital last week after spending 57 days battling coronavirus-induced pneumonia.

Schultz shared a photo on Instagram to show just how much the virus has ravaged his body.

The first photo was taken about a month before he was hospitalized on March 16 and the second image was taken in a recovery ward after spending six weeks on the ventilator.

'I wanted to show everyone how badly being sedated for 6 weeks on a ventilator or intubated can be,' Schultz wrote alongside the photo.

Prior to falling ill, Schultz weighed about 190 pounds, would work out six or seven times a week and had no pre-existing conditions.

After contracting the virus in mid-March, Schultz said it reduced his lung capacity considerably and left him so weak he was unable to hold his cellphone in one hand.

'I was so weak. This was one of the most frustrating parts,' he told BuzzFeed News.

'I couldn't hold my cellphone, it was so heavy. I couldn't type because my hands shook so much.

He also lost track of time and wasn't aware he had been in hospital for six weeks already.

'I thought only a week had gone by,' he said.

Schultz, who works in San Francisco but was in Boston to visit his boyfriend at the time, had been in Miami at the Winter Party Festival the week before he got sick.

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