Thursday, May 21, 2020

Seyi Shay claims her instagram account was hacked after raunchy photos were shared

Seyi Shay has said her Instagram account was hacked, and the nudes released earlier today were from the hacker.

She disclosed she had tagged the photos private.

She also said she was unable to access the account for almost five hours after the posts appeared.

In an alert on Twitter, she wondered who the hacker could be and wrote;

“I cannot tell why/who is doing this, but my IG account has been compromised & my privacy is being violated. Seems to be a deliberate attack as the photos circulating are not from a recent exchange. Please ignore all DMs from my account and do not share any personal info”.

A follower however atttacked her saying, there's nothing new about the photos as they most of the time see her like that in her music video, but that pissed the singer off and went in on the fan.

The fan had said; “Seyi Shay posting what we’ve seen normally in her music videos and they’re screaming hack. hack or not, there’s nothing new or worrisome about those post sha”.

She replied: You’re the type that will likely see nothing wrong with a s.e.x worker getting r.a.p.e.d. No?”.


  1. The fan is right. Something we don see tire. why the yeye noise